Langar is one of the most significant traditions for the Sikhs. It involves everyone, irrespective of their caste, skin colour, nationality, social, financial or political status, to sit together (pangat). Everyone has the same meal. It expresses the ideals of equality, sharing, and the oneness of all humankind. It is an essential part of any Gurdwara.The food is cooked by sevadars (volunteers) and is served without discrimination to all. The Langar is always vegetarian, and traditionally is made up of simple, nourishing food. Strict rules of hygiene and cleanliness are important when preparing the Langar.

Langar is served as the Traditional Free Meals Service regularly through the volunteers and centre management. Langar can be booked by the individuals to support the community and centre.

Langar Booking Details Please Contact Gurudwara Management.